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3M CMD 17007 BROOM GRIPPER 51204

RM 20.90

Product Code : 51204

Product Name : 3M CMD 1707 BROOM GRIPPER

Brand : 3M

Description :

   - 3M™ Command™ Broom Gripper is great for neatly storing your brooms and mops when not in use. Push broom handle into Command™ 

   - Broom Gripper for easy storage and pull it out when ready to use. 

   - You can hang it at any areas within your home, whether it is in your store room or laundry room. 

   - It holds strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, tile and more with up to 1.8 kg. 

   - Rehanging it is as easy as applying a Command™ Large Refill Strip, so you can take down, move and reuse them again and again! 

   - Holds up to 1.8 kg per hook 

   - Holds brooms and mops with handle diameters of 2 cm to 2.5 cm

   - Damage-Free Hanging, without the need of nails and screws 

   - Revolutionary Command™ Strips hold strongly and removes cleanly 

   - Easy to apply and remove again and again using Command™ Refill Strips 

   - Works on a variety of surfaces (including paint, wood, tile and more)

   - 1 Pack = 1 broom gripper and 2 large strips