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EVE FOAM TAPE 406 18MM X 1.5M BLK 21002

RM 8.90

Product Code : 21002

Product Name : Eve Foam Tape 406 18mm x 1.5m Black

Brand : Eve

Description : 

   - Product Size (With Card): 148 x 100 x 18 mm 

   - Eve Double-Sided Adhesive Tape (Suggested Applications) 

        * Holding and mounting of poster, signs and etc. 

        * Holds kitchen utensil and spice rack, bathroom accessories 

        * Fixes mirror tiles and wall mirrors 

        * Secures car dashboard and boat accessories

   - Fixing instructions :  

         1. All surfaces should be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and release agents.

         2. The adhesive face should not be handled prior to application. 

         3. The adhesive on double-sided tape is pressure sensitive. Firm hand pressure should be applied over bonding area for 30 seconds. 

         4. Maintain an adequate relationship between the weight of the object and the area of foam. 

        5. Maximum recommended weight loading is 10lb / square inch at 24+ hr.