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RM 14.00

Product Code : FCP0200

Product Name : KS Foam Clay Magnet Kit

Brand : KS

Description : 

   - Sculpt and display your Woodland and Sea Animal Foam Clay Magnets! 

   - Woodland animals come in 2 sets of 4 - either Squirrel, Bear, Owl, Tortoise or Fox, Rabbit, Deer, Porcupine. 

   - Sea animals come in 2 sets of 4 - either Starfish, Dolphin, Turtle, Clown fish or Crab, Octopus, Seahorse, Shark.

   -  New and popular Foam Clay decor activity kit provides hours of fun while cultivating motor skills and patience. 

   - Foam Clay is a lightweight clay with beady texture, easy to sculpt and air-dry. 

   - Kids will adore rolling, squeezing, twirling, and pulling Foam Clay into 3D shapes. 

   - Foam Clay Magnet content are : 

        - 4 x Animal magnet 

        - 6 x 10gm Foam clay colours 

        - 1 x Wooden stick