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RM 44.90

Product Code : SPM88

Product Name : SPM SHAHS Standard (2 in 1)

Brand : SPM

Description : 

   - Chess is a game of strategy between two players with a player having pieces from the King to the Pawn representing units of an army. SHAHS™, a brand created by SPM is a household name for chess in Malaysia since 1990. 

   - This SHAHS™ edition contains chess and the dam game. It is the most premium edition of all the SHAHS™ 2 in 1 series. Players who are looking for a more solid play of chess and dam, can consider this edition. The King piece height is 90mm and dam piece diameter is 30mm. 

   - 1 x playing board 1 x set of black and white chess pieces 1 x set of dam pieces 1 x instruction manual.