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RM 34.90

Product Code : 792123

Product Name : Solar Robot Tumbling Robot

Brand : Solar Robot

Description :

   - Build your own robot! Science experiments for kids in 3 modes: fall and get up mode, dance mode, and somersault mode.

   - Science related to gears and motors and complex motions from a single motor. 

   - Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

   - For ages 8 years and above. 

   - Build your own robot with this marvelous science kit for kids. 

   - Your robot will be able to perform complex motions despite its single motor. 

   - Learn about basic mechanics with the informative instruction manual that teaches you about the inner workings of the machine. 

   - The science guide explains how the robot's gears work to help him get back up, along with relating the robots movements to real-life mechanics such as the gear changes on a bike. 

   - Mixing construction skills with kids science activities, this walking robot is a great project for children to do for science fairs, school holidays and rainy days. 

   - Easy to build in less than an hour, the robot is made of high impact plastic making him durable for multiple play sessions. 

   - An educational toy that introduces children to the fascinating inner workings of computers and gadgets.