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RM 27.00

Product Code : 4901681416608

Product Name : Zebra Mildliner Highlighter WKT75C

Brand : Zebra

Description : 

   - Zebra’s Mildliner features a unique mild colour that shows up softly on paper and a broad and fine point tip for all hand lettering and marking applications. 

   - The pen design is very clean, cute and especially the pastel and the white colour combination is a sweet eye-candy pens in your pen case.This double ended featuring bullet and chisel tip is absolutely useful at any situation. 

   - The bold chisel tip is 4.0mm thick and fine bullet tip is approximately 1.0mm - 1.4mm. Consist of 5 colours in a pack; Mild Pink, Mild Orange, Mild Yellow, Mild Blue Green & Mild Blue.